Zero Risk

Elliott Group’s Zero Risk policy is a tangible statement to our clients, staff, subcontractors and third parties that we strive to operate on a zero risk in the key areas of Safety, Environmental, Quality and programme delivery. As a company we are measured by how we perform in these key areas. Our Zero Risk policy while starting as a concept has grown and intertwined as our core values in our operations. We encourage and empower our management and staff to unapologetically deliver to this standard.

Construction by its nature and at its very core involves constant change and requires flexibility; we instil and encourage that in our team however the one thing that we don’t do is deviate from a policy of Zero Risk.


At Elliott Group we make no apology for our Zero Risk Policy towards Safety. This attitude underpins our ethos on site. Our Zero accidents and incidents threshold is not a target it’s an expectation and an ethos that we instil in our team and they in turn instil in their subcontractors and staff on site. Everyone that starts on an Elliott Group site is expected to come to work and act in accordance with our policy and go home in the evening accident and incident free to their family. Elliott Group achieved the coveted ISO 14001 in safety in 2014.


At Elliott Group we understand your deadlines. We realise that if a job is late the end user is severely discommoded! We carefully programme our jobs at tender stage, while we aim to deliver in the shortest project period, we don’t over promise and then make excuses, we offer sensible and well considered programmes and our Zero Overruns Policy underpins this approach.

In conjunction with the design team we generally set a target programme which is often more than 10% faster than contract programme and we procure design information, suppliers, subcontractors and plant and equipment to that target programme. We mitigate the daily challenges and we work very closely with the client and design team reporting honestly and accurately in our progress reports. We are passionate about delivering your project on time every time.


At Elliott Group we have a policy of Zero Risk to the Environment. This is achieved firstly through a respect and understanding that the work that we do can be hazardous to the environment. All of our method statements and risk assessments focus strongly on how we may affect our environment whether it involves waste disposal, use of solvents and chemicals. We carefully select environmentally friendly materials and all of our supply chain must conform to our criteria supported by our ISO 18001 accreditation and standard operating procedures.


We at Elliott Group are firmly of the belief that the quality of a project starts with the first task on site. A clean and safe site is a well-managed site and within that approach embodies an attitude of quality workmanship. Our quality operating system is set up on a trade by trade basis and works in tandem with the BCAR regulations where each aspect of a building must be assessed, inspected and certified as work proceeds.

Our policy of Zero Snags is not just a sales gimmick, it’s a target and it’s achieved by meticulously interpreting design, selecting quality materials, subcontractors and trades. Our site management are careful in the sequencing of trades and protecting our works until final handover.

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