Emergency Ward CT Replacement, University Hospital, Galway

GEMElliott Construction Ltd was appointed Main Contractor and PSCS for the replacement of CT scanners in the Emergency department and radi therapy department in UHG. All of these works took place in the middle of the live existing Acute hospital.

Project Details

Prior to works com-mencing we issued a method statement for agreement with the Estate and Hospital Maintenance teams for site setup, logistics and dust control. Access to the works was one of the projects biggest challenges. We build a scaffolding up on to the roof of the Emergency ward and underneath the operating theaters. A walk way with handrails was constructed on the roof to protect same and then we access the works zone via a light well. All demolition rubble was removed in small wheelie bins. An air lock was constructed between the works zone and the hospital street. All personnel and plant had to cross tacky matts and blue shoes had to be worn in the hospital street at all times. Demolition rubble and materials into the works zone was done outside of normal working hours.

The Emergency CT scanner was supplied by GE and a design coordination meeting took place at the start of the project between the GE, Design Team, Main Contractor, M&E contractors and also the Hospital departments. This meeting and the following coordinated drawings was a key to the successful delivery of the project. The new CT room and recovery area as located beside an existing CT scanner, so we had to work with the radiology department when they were scanning patients. The works included demolition, New lead lined walls to code 6 and 7. Complete refit of all M&E services including new medical trenching. New chilled pipework had to be brought from the far side of the hospital campus which we treated as a mini project in itself. New ceilings, flooring, joinery, control room fixtures and fittings and decoration. Once room readiness was agreed with GE the scanner was brought in through the hospital corridor out side of normal working hours and under permit with the hospital maintenance team.

This project demonstrates our ability to coordinate all parties to get a coordinated design agreed and then to carry out the works in very difficult circumstances in the Live Acute hospital environment to tight deadlines and still meet our Client expectations.

Design Team, Client & Value

Client: HSE

Architect: Cullen Payne Architects

Quantity Surveyor: Aecom

M&E Engineer: RPS

Civil & Structural Engineer: Varmings

Value: €1,000,000

Elliott Group - Building a Civil Engineering, Cavan, Ireland