Achieving façade Compliance

Residential Buildings in the UK over 11m high have experienced compliance issues which are effecting their saleability and insurability presently. This is naturally of major concern to property owners and managers; Elliott Group approach all opening up and Design & Remediation having regard for building occupants, logistics, local authority and statutory constraints and design Cost Effective and FastTrack Solutions for our clients.

We remove all combustible material and install product that complies with Euroclass A1 or A2-s1-d0 material tested to BS 8414-2 standard. Compliance objectives are investigated and costed during the preconstruction stage after the client consultant’s report and opening up report is perused and Elliott Group provide a fully costed D&B Contractors Proposal for our clients, these include the following:

• Design Proposal
• Programme & Milestones
• Scaffolding Plan
• Logistics & Traffic Management
• Recording of Interventions Portal
• Costings
• Contractors Team & Reporting Tools

Elliott Group Façade Compliance

Elliott Group Façade Compliance PDF.
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