Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin.

Elliott Group was awarded the decontamination of the site bounding SJRQ and Cardiff lane for Hatonvale Developments.

Project Details

The project consisted of the following:

Demolition of existing buildings Sheet Piling to the West and north boundary of the site. Removal of contaminated material under an EPA license Bentonite cut of wall to all adjoining boundary sites.

De-watering and removal of contaminated water using separation tanks.

The project was carried out under the strict guidelines of the EPA license, all material was loaded onto a conveyor belt across SJRQ and directly into ships and was exported to Holland for incineration.

The project was completed on time and within budget and was one of the first on its kind of decontamination operations in Ireland.

Design Team, Client & Value

Client: Hatonvale Properties Ltd

Architect: BKD Architects

Quantity Surveyor: AV Cooney

Civil & Structural Engineer: White Young Green

Value: €8,000,000

Elliott Group - Building a Civil Engineering, Cavan, Ireland